for Rotman School of Managment (UofT)

Welcome to The Behavioural Economics In Action At Rotman (BEAR): a renowned behavioral science research center at the University of Toronto where I was a research intern in the summer of 2019. BEAR is a well-known research center led by director, Dilip Soman that conducts leading-edge academic research in the field of behavioral economics to help organizations better understand how real people act and in turn, design better products, services, and programs for them. Amongst the myriad of academic tasks I was doing, I also had the pleasure of creating some graphic elements for BEAR presentations and one of the projects I worked on with TD Wealth. Additionally, I helped Dilip Soman create illustrations for his presentation on the 4 things a behavioural scientist should have. I think it's a rare opportunity to do art in very academic and research-heavy settings so I enjoyed every second of it, you can probably tell from the visuals below!  




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