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Welcome to my exclusive collection of comics created specifically around the topic of human irrationalities.

As a behavioural economics graduate and behavioural science enthusiast, I hope to document the essence of what it means to be simply human through my comics. These comic ideas are the result of my hyper awareness for being human in this crazy, messy yet beautiful world. If you find yourself enjoying these, please feel free to share it on social media, use it in your own blog post or with someone you know who will also find joy (or tears) in these comics. Just remember to credit me by either mentioning my name (Iris Deng, hyperlinked to my website) or tagging me on instagram  

Now, let me officially welcome you to my interpretation of an irrationally human world! So sit back, sip some coffee and sift through these comics at your leisure—as you do so, hopefully you'll be pleasantly reminded of what a bunch of irrational beings (aka humans) we truly are! 




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